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Renovations, Repairs, Cleaning & Sealing

Renovations & Repairs-
Many original floors still exist but at the sme time a substantial amount have been destroyed, whether it be through subsidence or modernization (i.e central heating pipes, carpet grippers etc.) by using square edged hand cut tiles which can be closly matched to original colours, The Classic Victorian Tiling Company can achieve excellent restoration results.

Cleaning & Sealing -
Many floors lay hidden under carpets for years leaving them in quite an undesirable condition. Some have become victims to paint or have just been neglectated. With modern equipment, products and old fashioned elbow grease these floors on the whole can be brought back to their former glory.

Originally Victorian tile floors were waxed to enhance their colours but it was something that had to be carried out on a very frequent basis. Today we have acrylic sealers which as well as enhance the colours also provide some protection to the tiles.

Depending on the amount of traffic that passes across the floor this process generally need only be done on an anual basis.

After all our renovations, repairs and internal installations we clean and apply four coats of sealer to the finished floor.

Fireplaces -
Many Victorian fire place hearths used decorative tiles. The Classic Victorian Tiling Company can help source original or replica tiles to match and and take of the restoration work to get your firplace back to its original condition.

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