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The Classic Victorian Tiling Company specialise in fired tiles made from clay dug from the ground.

Our main focus is the decorative tile - encaustic, glazed and unglazed vitrified tiles which we then can cut into a variety of different geometric shapes and sizes. Tassellating unglazed and encaustic tiles together can create ellaborate effects.

The geometric shaped tiles alone can be used to great effect in creating dramatic flooring patterns. Ones own imagination is the only restriction.

The Victorian era was the most prolific age for the creation of new house construction techniques and the golden age for the decorative tile. Thankfully people are once again realizing the beauty, durability and style of these historic floors whether they be original or reproduction.

Tile Designs & Colours - need some inspiration? Take a look at a small selection of tile colours, designs and layouts we use care of Olde English tiles... [MORE HERE]

close up of tiled hallwaytiled hallway

tiled floor

tiled stairs

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