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For People With A Passion For Period Features

The Classic Victorian Tiling Company is a small independant company which specialises in Victorian floor tiling including fire place hearths, front paths, outside steps and internal hallways.
We cover renovating old paving, installing new floors or cleaning existing floor tiles.

Each floor is hand laid which makes each and every installation unique to the individual specification and preference. Each installation receives four coats of sealer to the finished floor.

Our Products -
all the tiles we use are made from clay dug from the ground and fired at a set temperature... [MORE HERE]

Tile Designs & Colours - need some inspiration? Take a look at a small selection of tile colours, designs and layouts... [MORE HERE]

Installations of Internal Floors - whether laying original Victorian tiles or reproduction floors, we can achieve this through traditional and modern methods. Because of the amount of colours and shapes available today there is no limit to what design can be created... [MORE HERE]

Installations of Pathways - the same tiles, patterns and designs can be used outside as those used internally... [MORE HERE]

Renovations & Repairs - original Victorian floors can be brought back to their former glory by using square edged, hand cut tiles... [MORE HERE]

Cleaning & Sealing - original floors become discoloured from being hidden under carperts, get painted over or just need a little TLC. A combination of modern equipment and old fashioned elbow grease can bring them back to life and preserve them for many more years to come... [MORE HERE]

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